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Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect® product line has evolved over 30 years of experience, partnering with the largest oil field service companies in the world to maximize downhole reliability. Seal-Connect® offers an extensive portfolio of connectors used in downhole exploration applications. Our Seal-Connect® solutions ensure measurement accuracy and maintain signal integrity during critical operations in challenging environments, even as operating parameters become more extreme.

Seal-Connect® pressure-rated coax connectors provide secure, reliable power and signal transmission in rugged environments. Compared to traditional 2-contact multi-pin connectors, coax connectors reduce radial footprint and optimize available space downhole through concentric contacts. The concentric contacts are electrically insulated using Greene, Tweed Arlon® thermoplastic sleeves. Seal-Connect® coax thermoplastic sleeves are offered in Arlon® 1000, 2000, 2000 XT, or 3000 XT PEEK or PEK-based materials dependent on the application environment, as a superior alternative to traditional glass-to-metal connectors. The copper alloy contacts and engineered connector body maintain signal integrity and performance in harsh downhole environments. Seal-Connect® coax connectors perform in environments with temperatures up to 204°C (400 °F) and pressures up to 25,000 psi. Seal-Connect® offers custom mating contact blocks and harnesses for the applicable coax assembly, which can be designed to be impedance matched assemblies. Coax connectors are available in common industry standard configurations as well as custom engineered configurations designed to fit any application.