WR® 650 – A PFA Composite with Superior Dry Run Capability and Excellent Thermal & Chemical Resistance

Matching sealing performance to your application while lowering operating costs 

WR® 650, Greene Tweed’s next-generation PFA composite, is reinforced with a three-dimensional carbon-fiber architecture. WR® 650 offers superior dry run capability, excellent chemical resistance, and an operating temperature range up to 500°F (260°C).

In dry conditions, WR® 650 offers 2.5 times higher PV capability over the leading PFA-based material. 

Typical applications include centrifugal pumps and other rotating equipment used in refineries, chemical plants, power generation plants, pipelines, and water treatment plants.

WR® 650 is competitively priced in a wide range of shapes, ranging from ID1” to OD12”. Finished parts are available upon request.

To request a stock shape quote or to receive our machining guide, simply fill out and submit the form on this page.

To learn more about WR® 650, download the technical resources on this page, including:

Product Overview

Quick Reference Guide

Data Sheet

Typical Properties